Kingston/Marshfield Solar Wind Farm Project
In this project, suitable locations for future solar wind farms were identified in Kingston and Marshfield by analyzing the gradient slope of landscapes, direction of hills that face the most sunlight during the day , and average wind speed data and translating the information into a pixelated image to easily discern areas in the town to consider.

Interactive Google Earth Apps
These are the locations in both towns displayed in an interactive Google Earth Web app for another way to get a better sense of where the suitable sites are grouped. The blue lines represent the 5 meters per second wind speed line criteria. The red pixels are areas with adequate slope gradient and direction facing the sun.

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Interactive ArcGIS Online Tool
This is another interactive web app created in Arc GIS Online which is a simpler, cloud-based version of the Arc GIS program. It has an address search directly in the app for an easy look at a specific spot where the solar wind farm criteria is met.,41.9452,-70.4241,42.1634&displayslider=true&displayscalebar=true&displaysearch=true&searchextent=true
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This is a Link to an Online Web Application Created Through ArcGIS Online:

Here’s a great podcast from PRI on capabilities of Solar and Wind power – 
March 26, 2014