Dennis Corvi II

A Digital Portfolio


Welcome to my digital portfolio at

My name is Dennis Corvi and I’m a GIS Analysist with programming and database design experience. I’m currently an Associate Researcher at the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Social Science Branch. In this position, I assist with the research of protected species, specifically sea turtles and right whales using geospatial and temporal data. I’ve previously been employed by the Town of Avon, MA under the department of public works where I helped establish the town’s GIS program. I hold a bachelors degree from Bridgewater State University having double majored in Management Information Systems and Geography.

I built this website to document my collection of digital work and to gain a better understanding of web development and web technologies. I constantly strive to develop my programming portfolio and skillsets. Samples of my code can be found on my Github repositories at

Thank you for your interest.